Residential Christmas Lighting

You see them every season: jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring displays of residential holiday lighting. Displays that draw sightseers from miles away. Displays that elicit oohs and awes from grown-ups, and squeals of wonder and delight from children.

In fact, it’s quite likely that you’ve admired some of our handiwork, installed for a homeowner who did nothing more than give us a phone call. We took care of the rest. That means that the homeowner enjoyed all the benefits and joys of a beautifully decorated home, but endured none of the headaches (and dangers!) of climbing ladders and traipsing around on rooftops.

We specialize in the professional decoration of up-scale homes with a minimum $1,500 budget.

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Residential Designs

  • Experienced Installation Professionals. The design and installation of world-class holiday decorations isn’t a job for amateurs. We’ve been in this business for a long time, and our crews consist of highly experienced, seasoned professionals.
  • Full Turnkey Services. We’ll do the design, provide the latest and greatest in lights and decorations, install, maintain and remove. Your job? Just give us a call to get the project started, and then relax and enjoy. We’ll handle everything else.
  • Purchase or Rental Options. Whether you wish to invest in your holiday decorations for the long-term, or just rent for the season, we can accommodate.
  • Peace of Mind. Unlike some fly-by-night competitors, we’re fully licensed and insured.
  • 100% LED Lighting Designs. LED lights are far more energy-efficient than old-fashioned incandescent lights. They’re brighter, and their colors are more pure and vibrant. It’s the modern, earth-friendly form of holiday lighting.

Holiday Lighting & Décor Without The Hassle

Personalized Design

We work directly with you to design a highly personalized holiday display. Your design is customized to your specific property and made to perfectly express your own unique style.

Professional Installation

Your installation is carefully pre-planned by highly professional company engineers to ensure a beautiful result. Each installation is performed by a crew of experienced technicians under the supervision of a specially trained crew chief.

Materials Included

We provide all lighting and décor and will give you the option to purchase, rent or lease materials. This gives you the flexibility of changing your design every holiday season.

Free Maintenance

When necessary, we repair all lighting and décor free of charge and notify you of work performed.

Timely Removal & Storage

We remove all lighting and décor promptly at season’s end, and we store all elements so you don’t have to.

Fully Insured

Year Round is a fully insured contractor and your protection against any form of injury or damage liability is fully guaranteed.

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Make the Holidays special this year with sparkling Christmas Lighting and décor for your home.
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