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HOA Christmas Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Community the Talk of the Town

Christmas – it’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also time for the most wonderful opportunity of the year to build communal pride in your beautiful neighborhood.

When it comes to special events and occasions, ambiance is everything. At no time is this better experienced than during the holiday season  A neighborhood void of decorations makes Christmas feel sad, like the island of unwanted toys. Tacky decorations make it feel even sadder. When the cheap strands of lights start going dark and Rudolph’s red nose is deflated and lying on the ground, it’s an embarrassment to your homeowners.

Stunning decor, however, can transform the blank canvas of your neighborhood into the masterpiece of your city. A grand entrance impresses holiday party guests and out-of-town visitors (and potential future residents). Twinkling trees bring smiles to your residents as the stress of the day melts away into the peaceful feeling of coming home. Lighted streets and walkways encourage neighbors to interact and take pride in their community.

But where to begin?

Christmas Decorating for your HOA

Austin Waters HOA Lighting

Transforming your community into a winter wonderland can be daunting. So, absolutely begin with a pro who understands the magnitude of the task. Professional lighting companies not only have experience with installation, they can also help with a design plan that will make your HOA the envy of the town. It’s a bright time, it’s the right time… to look for a full-service company that helps with everything you need from sleigh to tree!

Be sure to ask these questions:

  • Do they use quality materials and lights?
    • The difference between quality lights and decor and cheap lights and decorations is where the magic of Christmas happens. Don’t be fooled into thinking cheaper will save you money. In the long run, you get what you pay for.
  • Are their installers trained and insured?
    • “Tis the season to be jolly”, but there’s nothing jolly about an injury lawsuit.
  • Will they provide service for the lights during the entire season?
    • Maintenance is crucial for keeping your decorations beautiful for the duration of the holidays.
  • Will they “undeck the halls” in a timely manner?
    • It shouldn’t still be looking a lot like Christmas on Valentine’s Day.
  • Will they store the items you lease or purchase until next year?
    • Meaning carefully packed and kept in a safe, dry location.

How to Decorate your HOA for the Holidays

Once you have found the right company, the next step is deciding on a theme. Christmas is not “one size fits all” when it comes to decorating. Your HOA has its own personality, its own vibe. You know better than anyone what the atmosphere of your neighborhood is, so brainstorm with your professional on this. Is your HOA:

  • A twinkling white-light classic winter wonderland?
  • A Dallas Cowboy Blue Christmas community?
  • A place for a family-oriented, multi-colored, Holly Jolly Christmas?

Again, your lighting company will have photos, ideas, and suggestions to help you create your unique plan for transforming the conventional into the exceptional.

Tips for Decorating Your HOA Entrance

Fairway Point Christmas Lights

First in importance is the entrance to your HOA.  This is your only chance to make that “WOW!” first impression. Showcasing your entrance, whether an elegant brick sign displaying your name or an exclusive gated entry, sets the tone for your community. If you do nothing else, this factor should be spectacular! Monument sign enhancers are the ultimate way to make the entrance a statement piece that gets people talking.  Ask your lighting expert about custom-made enhancers for a unique and long-lasting option to welcome residents and guests.

Christmas Lights for Your HOA Community

Katy Trail Holiday Christmas Lights

Happy Christmas to all, and to all some good lights! Second on the list is lighting – everybody’s favorite aspect of Christmas decorations.  Here’s where your imagination can be almost limitless!

  • Wrapped trees
  • Lighted nets on shrubbery
  • Highlighted rooflines
  • Stake lights on walkways and paths

When it comes to capturing those “ooohhh” and “ahhhh” moments, lighting does the trick. String lights can transform your neighborhood into something surreal and dreamlike, making your HOA irresistible.

Christmas Trees for your HOA

O, Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree… Third on the list for decorating your neighborhood are the trees! You may have existing natural trees that can be dramatically detailed, or perhaps your community will require some spectacular artificial ones. Regardless, Christmas trees are beautiful focal points for areas like entrances, clubhouse lawns, street corners, and more. Have fun exploring your color scheme and theme when it comes to choosing tree decorations!

Decorating Touches for Your Neighborhood

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! Just make sure you finish off with all the details that bring personality to your theme. This may be the last step, but is shouldn’t be be overlooked. Sure, the gorgeous lights make your treetops glisten at night, but it’s these outdoor accessories that make the days merry and bright!  Deck the cul-de-sac with boughs of holly! Bring in wreaths, bows, giant ornaments, reindeer, and maybe even a Santa to add the finishing touches and bring joy to your Ho-Ho-Homeowners this holiday season.